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We are HelloMedical®

  • A motivated team excited by our big idea.

    With innovation, insight, and a strong spirit we embarked on a journey to revolutionise the medical industry, empowering practitioners and patients by unleashing the power of inspired web-based design, functionality, and collaboration.

    At HelloMedical® we believe in:

    • Creating applications that empower professionals.

    • Enhancing the lives and journey of patients.

    • Patience and continuous collaboration.

    • Improving the quality of both content and design.

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    We help healthcare providers by enabling them to harness the power of the web.

    With us they will strengthen existing relationships, develop new relationships, exchange data and ideas, discover the new, and be recommended relevant and targeted information by our intelligent data systems.


Our Vision.

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    Open = Collaboration.

    We strongly believe openness and honesty. Communicating and collaborating with those whom we share the goal of making health social is the key to progress.

    The idea is simple enough – bring enough people with a common interest together and they will start to share, compete and improve. The bigger the crowd, the greater the chance of innovation, and the more people who witness and benefit from that innovation. The system feeds upon itself.

    We must collaborate and share knowledge directly with each other, rather than through hierarchies. We come together with a shared vision because we are intrinsically motivated to do so and seek to collaborate in some way to advance an idea.

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    With all ventures, we plan and think as a team. Here at HelloMedical® we don't believe in launching a new project as quickly as humanly possible. Corners are never cut for deceptive short-term gain.

    Our vision is big and bold which means we have to stay true to our quality standards. It is our belief that a product built on patience will always be of higher quality and offer more usability, function and form.

    Our platform enables medical professionals to foster stronger links with their professional community as well as creating a high quality web presence for media, business and patients to access and utilise.

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    We are determined to make a considerable, positive impact on health. Internally, we dare to dream. Every idea has a chance in our environment. Externally, we refuse to work for other organisations that do not have the wellbeing of the health industry in mind.

    "If you want to bring a fundamental change in people's belief and behaviour... you need to create a community around them, where those new beliefs can be practiced and expressed and nurtured." Malcolm Gladwell

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    We create solutions that directly impact and enhance the medical field in ways never thought possible by bringing web connectivity, superior design and functionality to the domain of health.

    With a clear understanding of the current technology available to us today we aim to create groundbreaking products that empower medical professionals and patients alike.

Our Solutions.

  • HelloMedical Network

    HelloMedical® Network

    An open, highly connected, self-organising network that fosters collaboration and rapidly accelerates the spread of valuable medical information.

  • HelloMedical Websites

    HelloMedical® Websites

    We believe a custom made website that is both beautiful and content rich is essential for our most valued clients. Not only do they improve the online reputation and public image of medical professionals. They also effectively help educate patients at the same time.

  • XRAY Analyzer

    XRAY Analyzer®

    The Xray Analyzer is a powerful integrated research tool for calculating anatomical measurements. It allows you to quickly and accurately measure Insall-Salvati, Blackburn Peel and AO classification.

  • GAIT Analyzer

    GAIT Analyzer®

    The Gait app is a powerful rehabilitation and research tool for measuring outcomes following surgery. For example, the detection of quadriceps underuse following ACL reconstruction.

Join Us.

  • We are HelloMedical®

    And we are a small team who are excited by our big idea.

    We would like to invite innovative, insightful, and spirited people to join us on our journey to revolutionise the medical industry by empowering practitioners and patients by unleashing the power of inspired web-based design and functionality.

    We are a small, tight-knit team and this means your voice will always be heard and your ideas will be implemented. It also means we are often sharing responsibilities and being challenged by a diverse array of problems and opportunities.

    We do not believe in "not my job" excuses.

  • Contact Us.

    We spend our days on Level 2 at 9 Yarra Street, South Yarra.


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